An introduction to the Degree Show from Glasgow School of Art Director, Penny Macbeth


16 events
Jun 03, 19.00


Newbery Medal 2022, awarded to Emma Defty
Chair’s Medal for Architecture 2022, awarded to Karlis Kukainis
Chair’s Medal for Design 2022, awarded to Yuqing Wang
Chair’s Medal for Fine Art 2022, awarded to Louis Syed-Anderson
Chair’s Medal for Innovation 2022, awarded to Amandine Fong
Chair’s Medal for Simulation and Visualisation 2022, awarded to Maximiliano Wardle
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Adaptation and Reinvention

We live in a time of unprecedented change – what does it mean to adapt in 2022? What societal pressures and norms are we forced to adapt to, and what radical potential could autonomous reinvention hold?

Anthropocene, Landscape, and Materiality

How does creative practice respond to, and affect, the current geological age – defined by the dominant influence of humans on the landscape?

Covid and Tomorrow’s World

In a world that has changed irrevocably, where do we go from here? These creative responses take stock of the pandemic, and consider the potentials of a post-COVID world.

Creative Writing and Critical Theory

Works that engage with writing and theory – adopting and challenging dominant forms, and taking inspiration from writers and thinkers.

Gender, Identity, and Representation

From trans joy to Black feminism; gender fluidity to media representation – these works explore the intersecting aspects, questions and challenges of gender today.

Health and Wellbeing

From technology-driven innovations in healthcare to narratives of mental illness, these works reflect on the current state of health and wellbeing, and imagine bold new futures.

Neurodiversity and Visibility

The infinite variations of the human brain and differences in sociability, learning, attention and mood are considered and represented here, in work made by and/or for people with neurological differences such as autism and ADHD.

Race and Decolonisation

The need to de-colonise the mind, society, creative work, and the educational curriculum is presented with urgency here, alongside numerous intersecting themes of race and identity.

Social Injustice

When equals are treated unequally and the unequal treated equally, what is our creative response? These works, often political or philosophical, span issues of race, class equity, isolation, disadvantage, migration and bureaucracy

Sustainability and the Climate Emergency

Our world’s changing climate is the defining challenge of a generation, and sustainability is the responsibility of all artists, designers and architects. From zero-waste design to architecture that considers rising sea levels, these works range from provocative, to grief-stricken, to cautiously hopeful.