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Keyu Chen (BEng Andy)

In my designs, I like to capture unique and creative objects and ideas, pursuing the perfect balance between reality and imagination. “Feasible” is the foundation of my work, a practical product that everyone loves. “Innovation” is the goal of the development and pursuit of my works, and innovative design is appreciated by all. Product design is my passion. Strive to prove myself and challenge the limits.

Parcel Manager

Parcel Manager

The unprecedented COVID19 Pandemic situation had challenged the supply chain & logistics efficiency. There is a absence of a proper medium through which the co-ordination between postman and the consumer. Parcel Manager is a product that can resolve disputes between users and couriers, and can also make the process of express delivery completed smoothly. Parcel Manager is a portable product , and is a combination of folding mechanism, simple installation method, and safe structure. A parcel collection helper that both renters and house owners can have, the light weight and compact size make Parcel Manager easy to store in the room.

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parcel manager

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