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Hebe Ramsay (she/they)

Hebe Ramsay is an artist living and working in Glasgow, primarily working though moving image, sound, writing and installation. Their practice exists within the threshold between virtual and physical space, where elements momentarily meet under temporal, spatial and sensory conditions. As enmeshed elements, these components aim to interact with personal and collective narratives of trauma and being through an intertwining of myth, ritual, research, ecology and technologies.

Drawing from research in cosmology, somatic therapies and physics, their most recent work plays with process and experience to create opportunity for imperfect, lived understandings outside immediate cognitive recognition. Incorporating various forms of image production, they explore fiction, emotion, materiality and the navigation of dissociative and embodied consciousness as ambiguous spaces for healing and transition.

felt rememberings
your body as a field of sensation

felt rememberings

-work in progress

A guided meditation within a halfway universe between digital and real, awake and asleep. Witnessed and rendered landscapes are suspended and altered into pseudo-dream states alongside underlying rhythms of sound and text in a stream of technic consciousness.

The work reflects human, more-than-human, relationships to materiality and their displaced, suspended and colliding states across deep time. A mechanical gaze uses original and found imagery to simulate whispered associations within sensorial, material environments that slip, and fall into one another. Image superimpositions act as punctuation, bringing new bodies and pixels into context, while a dronescape generated by binaural field recordings acts as a steady guide amongst fractured image. Led by the sensual and written word, the viewer is taken through changing material states where entangled associations begin to show. Constellations of felt experience aiming to imbue an overarching embodied feeling or aura to the viewer rather than strict concept or knowledge.


HD video/ original & found image/ digitised VHS/ AI generated image/ 3D renderings/ colour/ binaural sound

5 min 36 secs

your body as a field of sensation

Accompanying looped animation shown alongside felt rememberings representative of a plain of consciousness that moves and fluctuates in time with the imposed VHS recording. Displaced in time, pixelated, ever-moving the floating plain suggests the experience of being in-between time and space, drawing from psychoanalyst writing surrounding Oceanic Feeling.

Minds can be many pointed, constantly directed and moving, identified and preoccupied with innumerable inconsistencies. The soothing nature of a simple looping motion is meditative, putting one into a relaxed state. In an landscape dominated by larger bodies of capital and power, having an inner infinite space simply for yourself is an affective and imaginative resource. Allowing the envisioning of a counter-mode of existence centred on connectedness rather than differentiation, the oceanic space acts as an inner-talisman from which one can pull endless comfort.


HD video/ colour/ silent

0 min 27 secs

Digitised VHS recording imposed on 3D render.

your body as a field of sensation