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Victoria Jamieson (She/Her)

I’m a multidisciplinary designer driven to challenge reality as we know it through design with a current focus on Education and Care. I’m drawn to projects that allow me to learn through a research-led approach and offer opportunities for engagement with a diverse group of stakeholders throughout the design process. I aim to be inclusive, taking universal design principles into account, whilst being mindful of accessibility and diversity of needs – designing with care. By combining product with service design, I seek to create a unique user experience – paying attention to the small details whilst always remembering the bigger picture – the future impact. To go beyond the ordinary, I like to be provocative and design to enable people to think differently.

In The Noe
My Invisible World

In The Noe

Enabling Conversations about the Menopause

In The Noe is a communication toolkit designed to engage people in discussions about the menopause through physical and emotional education and awareness.

The kit comes in 2 parts. The first is a menopause indicator card deck; designed to provide factual information about symptoms of the menopause, that are often overlooked. The second is a set of 9 artefacts designed to empower emotional intelligence. Inspired by the 9 emotions of Navarasa, each artefact has been crafted to help express emotions we often feel but may internalise.

The cards can be used on their own as an educational tool, or can be partnered with the artefacts to offer a more holistic experience for the user.

By pairing the menopausal indicators with emotion artefacts, people can not only engage in moments of self reflection but begin to open up the dialogue with others by sharing their experience through prompted discussion. In The Noe invites others, who may not be experiencing menopause, to engage and begin to understand the effects that the menopause can have on a day to day basis throughout ones journey. Aiming to overcome stigma by addressing perception vs reality of the experience of Menopause.

The kit can be used alone, together, by anyone and everyone – it’s designed to enable us all to be in the know about the Menopause.

Shortlisted for GSA Sustainability Degree Show Prize 2022


In The Noe Toolkit. Menopause indicator card deck and nine emotion artefacts.


Menopause indicator card deck can be paired with the emotion artefacts to enable conversation about the experience of menopause. These moments of communication can go beyond a single interaction, to be able to to communicate the experience throughout ones journey at home and in the workplace.


Menopause indicator cards are illustrated on one side, with factual information on the reverse. The cards can be used alone as an educational tool or be paired with the emotion artefacts.


User engagement workshop seeking to understand the experience of the menopause. The workshop was designed in 5 stages covering the 5Ws. The workshops ran in person on a 1 to 1 basis and were adapted to online versions when needed.


My Invisible World

In the sterile world of 2020, the Dettol babies were born with no ability to develop their own immune system. 10 years on, My Invisible World seeks to re-establish the relationship between children and bacteria in the post Covid world.


My Invisible World is a suite of artefacts consisting of: my (in)visible world workbook, digi-swab pen, microbiome test toilet paper and happy guts meal kit. Each artefact plays a key role as part of the system. The system is focused on the importance of bacteria in relation to children’s mental and physical health.


The artefacts provide an array of fun and educational tools to allow children to visualise, learn, understand and explore the invisible world of bacteria.


My Invisible World suite of artefacts.


Design for asparagus box with bacteria character figurine


Similar to pee sticks we are familiar with today, the smart toilet roll will indicate when specific bacteria is present in your gut through colour changing indicators. Designed to be lighthearted whilst informative; not intending to diagnose disease. The microbiome testing can be a 'way in' for quick at home checks and in turn could help normalise bowel testing.


Insight into the swab log pages - kids can swab items in their everyday life and print off a sample. Visualising the invisible world around them can help reestablish the relationship we have with bacteria in the future.


Storyboard of My Invisible World artefact suite in every day use


A day in the life- My Invisible World