Jun 12 at 12.00

Architecture Year 3 Film Event

A screening of a selection of films made by Mackintosh School of Architecture students for the Stage 3 Housing and Film elective.

Morgan McComb:
’24 south commonhead avenue’
Runtime: 11:22

Ryan Woods:
‘Dunfermline A Tale of Two Cities’

Neima Bouzy:
‘Three Portraits Southside’
Runtime: 13:51

Alessia Crolla:
‘A child of the 60’s’
Runtime: 07:26

Margaret Harvie:
‘A journey Through the West End’
Runtime: 10:45

Stephen Smith:
‘Are the new towns now old towns’
Runtime: 06:58

Hamid Habibi:
‘The Town of East Kilbride’
Runtime: 21:29

Natalia Bocian:
‘DIY Home’
Runtime: 09:26