RSA New Contemporaries, Bram Stoker Award

School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Amy Strzoda (she/her)

The intricacies of peoples’ relationships with one another is all I feel I need in this world. I am my best self in the presence of others and want nothing more than to immortalise these feelings of happiness. ​I am always mesmerised by others’ wild portrayals of love, and in turn make my work inspired by ways of the heart.



You’re Tomorrow 2018 – 2022
Don’t Talk to me about Love
It couldn’t be that good, although they said it would

You’re Tomorrow 2018 – 2022

This project is something of a love letter.

A love banner. 

It pays tribute to the hallway in which it hangs. The hallways into a building where we, like so many others before and after us, have spent a cherished few years learning, making art and making friends.

This project is an ode to Stow college and an ode to friendship.

with love, Amy Strzoda and Dominic Cooper x

You're Tomorrow 2018-2022

AD (March 2022)

You're Tomorrow 2018-2022

AD (March 2022)

Don’t Talk to me about Love


A dance where we revisit the past and remind ourselves of the people and places we have danced before. This time we are in the car park, sending beams of light up to Stow College, a place where we have spent a wonderful few years. See it as a token of my appreciation to the people, the art school, and Clare Grogan’s wistful words.

Don't talk to me about love

(March 2022) Choreographed and directed by me. Filmed by James Johnson

It couldn’t be that good, although they said it would


Now every good video needs to be properly seen; a chair to be rested upon and a place where the mind can focus. I brought together my forty dancers and now I want to bring together only two. Two sitters perch on my kissing seat made from oak, watch my video on either side, but never face to watch it the same way.

Installation view
A lock to bind the wires

Video on metal stand

Steel pipe, spray paint. 1 of 2
A heart made of wood, upon my kissing seat

A kissing seat that spins

Oak, plywood, pine, MDF, varnish
Clare watching over
Rowan and I on the kissing seat