Communication Design School of Design

Julia Villard (She/Her)

As a visual communicator, my practice is concept and research-driven. I seek to shed light on the gap generated by the loss and renewal of meaning that arise from the process of translation. I enjoy spatial design, editorial design and typography and have a great appreciation for collaboration.


Power plant
Girl, Woman, Other
Memory Theatre
Banned: A Poster Exhibition
Hum and Haw

Power plant

Power Plant is an identity proposal for a hypothetical exhibition that puts forward different artists, architects and designers who work with the biomaterial of algae. As we are now in a state of climate urgency, we need to rethink our ways of consuming the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the materials we use.
This identity plays with the idea of change through the typographical treatment of the captions while suggesting a transition from one state to another by means of the split posters.

Exhibition tickets

Power plant poster

Power Plant poster

Power Plant poster

Exhibition captions, type comes into play with hand drawn fleurons.

Exhibition captions

Girl, Woman, Other

Shortlisted design by The Penguin Cover Design Award 2022.

In my reading of Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo I was intrigued by the diversity of characters, the voices depicted and how strongly their identity is portrayed through their language. I created my cover using letterpress printing, drawing inspiration from various archives looking at protest and theatre posters. Each letter has its own unique features and subsequently, their own flaws, echoing how our identity is mirrored in our individual language and speech.

Memory Theatre

This design concept reflects the complex composition of Giulio Camillo’s Theatre of Memory. The books act as a map of this theatre as they play with the height and position of the elements on the page. The reader is invited to alter their way of reading by positioning themselves within the space between both books.

Image of the two books together in context of an amphitheatre

Front cover of the two books together

Cover design for Theatre of Memory

Spread from Theatre of Memory_01

Spread from Theatre of Memory_02

Spread from Theatre of Memory_03

Two different types of typographic composition one based on 16th century books and one much more modern

Spread from Theatre of Memory_04

Cover design for theatre of memory book. The title is embossed in gold and spreads across the two books.

Cover from Theatre of Memory

Banned: A Poster Exhibition

In March, we curated Banned: A Poster Exhibition, an exhibition showcasing letterpress posters. The designs for this exhibition aimed to showcase the process of production of the work displayed. Inspired by the GSA caseroom, we recreated the letterpress printing rolls and hung the various prints on fishing wire, mimicking how they dry.

Photography by Fin Brannan and Sadie Brookes.