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Heather Magill (She/Her)

Interrogating the relationship between participant and maker, my work interrogates themes of community, kinship and queerness. My lens-based practice offers a unique perspective into my outer experiences; capturing and questioning what it means to be a part of a community.

It’s Not Real Football

It's Not Real Football

It’s Not Real Football

Positioning myself as a feminist artist, my studio practice, whether that be intentionally or not, revolves around the notion of women, and the relationship between them. This has manifested itself in presenting the dynamics of the kinship within a women’s football team. My work, which can be found somewhere in between the intersection of photography and sculpture, highlights the representation (or lack) of women’s football, presenting the game from within the community itself, as an active participant.

Being heavily influenced by the historical canon of women’s football, although it is not explicitly referenced, my practice highlights the legacy that the ban of the game in 1949 in Scotland has had on the development of the women’s game in terms of representation, funding, accessibility, and resources. Being both footballer and artist, I feel it is entirely necessary to produce work in response to this because there are parallels between the experiences of women in the past, and in the present.