MSA Stage 3 School of Architecture

Emma Macdonald

Maryhill Urban Food Exchange

Maryhill Urban Food Exchange

The proposed Urban Food Exchange aims to reinvigorate Glasgow’s historic canal and the Maryhill area. Using the ‘fabric first’ design method and with a clear site strategy, the proposed mass timber building sits lightly on the landscape and is enclosed with vertical slats of locally sourced Scottish larch timber.

An articulated green roof, pinched at each corner, encourages local biodiversity and creates a monolithic appearance with Hub and House programmes under one roof. A central spine of prefabricated GluLam columns reflects the theme of ‘growth’ and can be disassembled and reused in different projects, along with other elements, extending the lifespan of the building.

A natural material palette complements the UFEx’s program both as a processing hub for fruit and vegetables and an educational centre for residents and visitors to learn about the growing and production of healthy food. The landscape is celebrated by framing views of the Campsie hills and the Maryhill locks. Fresh produce travels to and from the Hub by barge boat,
utilising the canal which once was a bustling artery through the city.

placemaking along the canal

site plan

hydroponic farming planters

crop to hub to mouth

public/private and access

exterior render

perspective section with materiality

approach to building render