Interaction Design School of Design

Cynthia Millar

Considering the past, present and future, I thought about technology changing our lives. Digital systems improve efficiency. Global societies sharing solutions. Systems created to improve life. I wonder where does this lead? Do the created networks lead us away from organic growth? Using various digital technologies, I captured images of water; then using the outcomes I reproduced the experience, asking the question, is this progress?



A world of dew,
And within every dewdrop
A world of struggle.

Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828)

Some believe humanity is  moving fast into Utopia. A globally connected world with access to anything. It seems all aspects of our lives are being offered manufactured alternatives. All with the promise of ease.

As algorithms are developed to streamline our interactions it is beginning to feel as if people are being led instead of leading. Systems are being created to administer all of our needs. But who decides what our needs are?

Utopia? is a speculative approach to questioning our future. An invitation to consider what does it mean to be human? Will a digitally designed experience ever satisfy the senses? Is being human nebulous without struggle?