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Agnes Xantippa Boman (she/her)

Much of my work is created in an attempt to convey an emotion. I’m interested in personal stories and the magic that can be found in ordinary life. Topics I’ve worked on include memory, grief, loneliness and addiction.

I enjoy the challenge of taking something as abstract as a feeling and turning it into something recognisable. I let my work take on different forms in order to let the story be at the heart of my decision making.

Animation is my current favourite medium because I can play with the impact of motion and sound to create an audiovisual experience.

Fifty Ways to Wank

Fifty Ways to Wank

Tintin Lindkvist Nielsen and I were commissioned by the poet Hollie McNish to make an animation for her poem ‘Fifty Ways to Wank’, presented in her book titled ‘Slug: and Other Things I’ve Been Told to Hate’.

This animation was used as a promotional video in connection with the release of Hollie McNish’s new book.

The poem is a celebration of female masturbation: aiming to remove the stigma surrounding the topic.

This animation was digitally hand-drawn frame by frame. Tintin Lindkvist Nielsen and I worked carefully to merge our illustration styles together to make the scenes we animated blend well after one another. We decided on a mostly black and white colour palette to make our sparing use of colour stand out and hold focus.


In this animated short, I explore the boundaries between the digital and physical world. In an effort to convey what it feels like to lose track of your surroundings and enter the digital space, I ask questions about what happens to your body as you go there?

Do we take it with us? How do we register the experiences we have online? Are they stored in the same place as other memories?

The animation cells are drawn on paper and edited digitally.