MSA Stage 4 School of Architecture

Mia Pinder-Hussein (she/her)



The Barras, located within Calton in Glasgow’s East End, was once one of the most densely built-up areas in Glasgow. Combining residential areas with civic buildings and factories, it became notorious for trade amongst working class Glaswegians and was once the largest open-air market in Europe. Despite its importance within Glasgow’s East End, the local authorities have habitually tried to shut down its activities and so the Barras have become not just a historically important site but have represented the strength and determination of Glaswegians. The very existence of the Barras speaks to this determination.

The Barras is currently suspended between its vibrant past and, due to the implementation of destructive post-war urban renewal policies and the rapid decline of the industrial sector, a vacant future. Despite this bleak outlook, the Barras is a community and is still vital to the fabric of the city.

Inspired by the community that is integral to the Barras, Grow attempts to facilitate space for community gathering and congregation through the processes of cultivating and drying medicinal herbs. These herbs will subsequently be used within the proposal to host community focussed events such as educational workshops, holistic workshops and will also be used in the cafe located centrally within the plan.

Gradient Map of Depravation
Ground Floor Plan
Brick Definitions