Jul 01 at 13.15

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST: Portfolio Preparation Course – Creative Practices 2022/23

The Portfolio Preparation Course – Creative Practices welcomes applications from those who wish to progress on to study Fine Art, Design or Architecture up to degree/graduate level.


The Course provides students with the opportunity to work in a unique art school studio environment, an exciting and dynamic place full of creativity and inspiration.  Broad based and flexible in content, the Course is structured to assist students in the selection of a specialist area of study. With drawing as its foundation, the Course is project and critique driven. Projects vary in length ranging from one-day workshops to those that run over two to four weeks. ‘Crits’, one-to-one and group, access to The GSA Library and exhibition visits aim to broaden student’s awareness of both historical and contemporary art practices. These underpin and support the studio work, enabling students to contextualise their practice and situate their work within a broader artistic context. The course provides a platform for feedback and review of work, as well as advice on selection and presentation of work for inclusion in a portfolio for application. Students attending this course have been consistently successful in achieving entry to Higher or Further Education Fine Art, Design and Architecture courses, in Glasgow, Scotland and further afield.