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Anna Winther (She/her)

Anna Andrea Winther (b. 1993) is an Icelandic visual artist that is based between Glasgow and Reykjavik. She graduated with a BA degree in fine art from Iceland University of the Arts in 2018, along with a term in the sculpture department of Edinburgh College of Art. She is a 2022 graduate of the MFA department in Glasgow School of Art and is a recipient of the Leverhulme MFA Bursary Award.

Anna has exhibited her work in Iceland, Finland, Scotland and Romania and has taken part in and organized various projects. Projects include: Arts in the Environment (Vartiosaari, FIN), Is that something on top of bread? (three-part radio show, pop-up bakery and workshop series in collaboration with Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir), We Don’t Know Peas (Harbinger Gallery, IS), The Pancake Production (Outvert Artspace, IS) and Go! (co-curator of exhibition and event series, Nordic House Reykjavik, IS),

Upcoming projects include: Spor og Þræðir (Reykjavik Art Museum), Is that something on top of bread? (Umhverfing nr.4, Westfjords, IS) and working within in the artist collective Ræktin.



Artist Statement:


The beauty in the overlooked – connecting with the overlooked – re-connecting with nature – re-learning play – sharing – commemorating the momentary – collaborating with friends – spatial interventions – curiosity – dismantling systems – creating systems – How-It’s-Made – the power of simple gestures – small acts of defiance – togetherness – heritage – commonality – my grandmothers pancake recipe

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Gesture Archive: Florence Street School
Gesture of Defiance: Helgi Hóseasson
Used Napkin Series

Gesture Archive: Florence Street School

Scratched lines surround a keyhole. An arrow points in what was once the right direction. Water slowly seeping. A dark splatter of a stain on a wooden floor. A broken window.

In this work the evidence of gestures, repetitive and momentary, within Florence Street School are woven together in a fragmented narrative of a quilt, revealing a pattern of the place and retracing its history.

The quilt, traditionally made with fabric that is arranged into a carefully constructed pattern, serves as a way to construct the narrative of the space through care and appreciation.

Gesture of Defiance: Helgi Hóseasson

(Interactive element will start and accumulate during the MFA degree show in Florence Street School from 30.05 – 13.06)

At the 1972 opening ceremony of parliament in Iceland, Helgi Hóseasson demonstrated his frustrations by splashing skyr over the president, ministers, and bishops as they walked into city hall.

A carpenter, anarchist, and social outsider, Helgi Hóseasson has publicly fought against various issues for years, one of the more personal being his desire to have the church revoke his baptism as he resented that it had been performed without his consent.

This public yet personal gesture of acting out against authority was the first of its kind in Iceland, producing this iconic image of the aftermath.

You are invited to retrace Helgi’s actions and vent your own frustrations:

-Pick up the bucket of skyr

-Think of an authority figure that has made you angry

-Use the spatula to throw the skyr at the targets



Used Napkin Series

The used napkin series is a collection of reproductions of napkins that have been collected after meals with family and friends. Through the slow and careful process of embroidery, the stains left behind are given full attention and each napkin becomes a commemoration of a meal that took place. Through giving the single-use value as imagery, this work seeks to momentarily intervene into fast-paced consumerist culture.