Interaction Design School of Design

Zhixi Wang

Signs of Perseverance.

This is a self-exploration project which revolves around feminist topics and attempts to answer questions such as whether gender is acquired, how capitalism and media objectify women, whether monolithic beauty standards devalued individual characteristic, where appearance become measurable under mathematics and rulers, and how does the title ‘mother’ change a woman’s social roles.

For each question, the artist chooses a representative object, and argument reality as a way of projecting her own consciousness and interpretation. The objects are arranged in chronological order, from the first beginnings of a girl’s life to the transformation of her role as a mother.

Setting representative figure for each questions.
Demonstration/Documentary video

Setting representative figure for each questions.

The toy has been playing an important figure in one’s childhood, and the myth of gendered specified toys has always been an issue. ‘Blue for boys’ and ‘Pink for girls’ become a social norm when the toy manufacturer finds assign a specific gender to toys can maximize their profit. Barbie doll would be the first figure as it is a representative toy for such a phenomenon which has strong sexual implications towards body image and limited woman’s role in society.

3D printing prosthetics is the second object, they were designed and modelled in C4D and then imported in 3d printer. Those prosthetics are used as steams for virtual flowers to bloom.

The fork represents as the third object. Fork is commonly used in the domestic environment. A fork with a bowtie represents a gift, a gift which is sharp and could be harmful, so people can spot spikes moving up and down in an AR setting. I want to use the fork to highlight the overlooked home labour.

The final object is the hand-knitted lace dolly, delicate but strong to hold many things. Based on research, it is an appropriate material to represent motherhood.

I’ve also designed the corresponding target image based on the theme, as triggers to evoke AR setting.






3d printed prosthetics

refine the surface of prosthetics

fourth trigger

Demonstration/Documentary video