MSA Stage 5 School of Architecture

Sharon Yuk Ying Tsoi

Sharon Yuk Ying Tsoi is a Postgraduate Diploma student at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art. Having previously completed her First Class Bachelors Degree at University of Lincoln, she worked as an Architectural Assistant in Hong Kong for a few years. Apart from the architecture journey, she always tries to explore and attend different interests beyond architecture, while those always among aesthetics, design and making.

growing a lung

growing a lung

To create a long-term urban strategy by time changing to reconnect the district which cut by infrastructure, especially the disconnection from the historical infrastructure. We attempted to introduce nature into urban as a main physical and social connection.

This thesis looks at the reuse of historical and existing urban fabric as an ethical approach to design, preserving the historical memory and implementing sustainability strategies. By embracing slow change instead of rapid replacement, achieve the consideration planning for the community. The idea of demolition is so prevalent in Glasgow, introducing slow-changing planning as an opportunity for long-term sustainable urban planning. It has been developed through the view of a sustainable circularity strategy: a timber forest and manufactory for future warehouse refurbishment.

‘’Growing a lung’’ is divided into two aspects, macro approach and micro approach. Both of them penetrate strongly with the sustainability approach.


Macro approach
At the master planning level, we attempted to connect the leftover space caused by major transportation in Glasgow, creating a continuous greenery park, and connecting the site in a horizontal way. To blur the thresholds and create a new relationship between two local residents. (Pollokshield on the south and Laurieston on the north) Multiple programmes (leisure activity, allotment, community hall and kitchen) are aims to create a 24 hours active landscape for surrounding neighbours.

Micro approach
As a long-term strategy, we try to adapt and reuse the existing warehouse. A series of warehouse refurbishments would transform into their own function. It not only aims to create environmentally sustainable architecture but also develop a long-term improvement to all warehouses in Glasgow which will be refurbished with timber cultivated from the sustainable forest on the site. The thesis aims to encourage communities involve and introduce a way that how they could participate in the creation of the city, at the same time deliver the sustainable consciousness message to the public.