MSA Stage 3 School of Architecture

Tanya Belkaid (She/Her)

Connected Living Rehabilitation – Elliðaárdalur, Iceland

Connected Living Rehabilitation – Elliðaárdalur, Iceland

Connected living is a rehabilitation facility located in the Elliðaárdalur region of Reykjavík where residents can heal in a non-clinical environment. The project aims to create a connection to animals, nature and others. It’s been proven that just by simply increasing the time we spend outdoors and around animals our mental health and wellbeing sees improvement. This residency houses patients and provides onsite access to one of Europe’s largest in city horse stables.
In order to encourage interaction with the outdoors a courtyard typology is implemented. A typology which took a lot of adapting and careful consideration of a site to make suitable for Icelandic weather. The building itself is navigated under a series of roofscapes. Through spaces are created to force residents into the outdoors to circulate the space while bearing in mind the ruthless Icelandic climate.