School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Taeeun Kim

I am Taeeun Kim who born in Seoul and studied sculpture. After enrolled in Glasgow school of Art, I mainly focused on the environment and public installation. I am interested in abstract painting, weaving and photography.

I was there but I wasn’t there(21 Jan 2022)
Lonely Planet

I was there but I wasn’t there(21 Jan 2022)

6 pieces, 23cm*23cm, lambswool yarns and fabric, 2022

These pieces are related to my perception of people. Everyone’s life looks perfect except me. I adopt the round shape as a meaning of perfection. But as time goes by, I have realized every person has its shape inside them. Even though I am struggling to close with other bubbles, I am interested in them, and still, there are many possibilities to become friends with them. Furthermore, Embroidery and needling are good meditation methods, especially yarns giving me warmth.

I was there but I wasn't there_detail_1

I was there but I wasn't there_detail_3

I was there but I wasn't there_detail_4

I was there but I wasn't there_detail_5

I was there but I wasn't there_detail_6

I was there but I wasn't there_detail_7

Lonely Planet

Hand made book (titled ‘lonely planet’), white shelf, ten pieces of diaries and books,

I have written the diaries for three years in Glasgow. It is full of struggles and solitude. I was fragile but enjoying myself. Personal journals help me to enjoy this solitary journey. It gave me strength and guided the path when I was in the dark. I was alone but surrounded by people


Lonely Planet_detail_1

Lonely Planet_detail_2

Lonely Planet_detail_6

Lonely Planet_detail_3

Lonely Planet_detail_4

Lonely Planet_detail_5

Lonely Planet_detail_7

Lonely Planet_detail_8

Lonely Planet_detail_9