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Su Ying Wu (She/Her)

I am a multidisciplinary designer primarily interested in identity design. My practice has been broad and diverse: constantly exploring different aspects within communication design and learning new skillsets. Influenced by my experience of growing up among different cultures, my works explore themes of connection and identity, aiming to leverage diversity.

Third Culture Museum
Eating Pattern*

Third Culture Museum

My proposed Third Culture Museum imagines an institution dedicated to sharing the knowledge and unique collective experience of Third Culture Kids (TCKs). The term Third Culture Kids, coined by US sociologist Ruth Hill, describes individuals who’s developmental years were spent outside the parents culture.

As a TCK myself I want to promote an awareness of this group—often considered as constantly in transition—and celebrate our cross-cultural experience. Taking inspiration from linguistic brackets, I developed a playful identity system and promotional materials for the museum inviting viewers to consider their own connections or disconnections.

Tote bags - printed on both sides
For Sale: Please contact me for further details

Eating Pattern*

Eating Pattern* is a project focused on the representation of data about the consumption of specific food categories in selected countries. The main objective is to show similarities and differences of food consumption around the globe. The consumption is visualised at three different scale: at global scale, at regional scale and at country scale.