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Rosemary Ridley (She/ Her)

‘When you seek out elemental nature, make sure to shield yourself from the elements; do some forest bathing, but only when the rain can’t get in.’ There is a symbiosis between clothing and the natural world. The fibres from the earth, spun into cloth, are worn to protect us from the very elements used to grow the materials we adorn ourselves with. My graduate collection illustrates acts of meditation in natural surroundings, stimulating our senses and producing positive effects on our mind and body. By provoking the effects of forest bathing through the way we dress can achieve total euphoria?

Wilding Clothes

Wilding Clothes

My collection is inspired by the symbiotic relationship between clothing and the natural world. When exploring, I noticed a dissatisfaction with my hi-tech clothing which, by protecting me from the elements, also provided a physical and therefore emotional barrier between myself and the forests I wanted to feel closer to. I have aimed to demonstrate that clothing has as much a sensory function as it does an aesthetic one.

To develop a collection of clothing which uses the textures, materials, colours and shapes of the environment it’s inspired by, I have researched traditional methods and sourced local materials to explore how to produce a look that represents the euphoria of forest bathing. The clothing I have made is designed so that the wearer will benefit from the elements of the environment, drawing on their protection, comfort and beauty and find the harmony I experience in the forest.



Pucks Glen and Dad's Jumper

Contact sheet and sketches

Contact sheet and sketches

City to Forest


Yarn experiments

Coat Development

Sublimation printing

Fabric Dyeing

Initial Sketches

Collage Development


Look Breakdown