School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Rhona Martin (she/her)

My work focuses on my surrounding environment and the experiences I have within it. My work often has roots in nature and repetitive processes, using materials and techniques which allow the creative process of the work to be an integral part of the finished piece. I use a variety of multimedia in my works, including a combination of physical practices like embroidery and casting, with digital practices like filmmaking and digital drawing, and also collaborative and interactive explorations, to create art which explores mine and others’ physical and emotional surroundings and environments, and conveys the thoughts and emotions that are produced through these processes.

Connections Responses


A collaborative work where people were invited to squish balls of clay in their hands in order to leave an imprint. These shapes were then fired, glazed and a selection were cast in various materials including pewter and jesmonite. This work was an exploration into our response and changed perspectives of touch post-covid and ways we can make connections with each other through materials.

Connections Responses

A follow up to the “Connections” project. These stones were offered back out to students and staff at GSA to take wherever they like and send a picture and a piece of writing if willing. The images featured were all taken by anonymous participants who took the stones to various locations.

A Stone is Coming Home

This stone found its momentary place on a secret pathway. Out in the countryside there is a field overgrown by rushes and gorse bushes. Pathed through the gorse is a secret passage. A little way along the path just after the bridge is an old gorse bush, rather a gorse tree. It has a bench and wonderful view out to the sea, while the spot itself is sheltered and hidden from sight. The stone found a place to rest on a small tuft of this very old gorse bush. Stone will return from its journey soon.

A Stone is Coming Home


The stone hiding in the garden of the flat in Govan that I will be leaving this weekend ❤️
Wardie bay

Wardie Bay

I've been carrying it around for ages and didn't know where to leave it. I eventually parted with it today at this wee beach near Wardie Bay in Edinburgh. It's full of old bricks for some reason. My pal took me there, and I left it on one of the bricks. I guess it will probably be swept into the North Sea eventually. Was sad to see it go, looks like it belongs though somehow.


I took your Stone to Austria, Perchtoldsdorf in the South of Vienna
Can you See the Stone?
In the Choir Salto Vocale Perchtoldsdorf

Tanned Stone