MSA Stage 5 School of Architecture

Philip Elverson

I graduated from Northumbria University in 2018 before working on residential and Passivhaus projects in London and Hereford respectively.

I am interested in investigating the atmosphere and human relationship of architectural spaces within my work. By combining 3D digital modelling with hand drawn overlays, I am able to test physical attributes such as light, whilst adding a richer layer of human activity which helps to animate the proposals.

Re_Place the M8

Re_Place the M8

The M8 under-croft is a vast concrete umbrella. In principle it shares its DNA with the Heilanman’s umbrella beneath the tracks of Central Station.

Both are shaped by transport infrastructures: rail and road. Designed for the fast passage of people through the city, the under-croft of central station produced a realm which offered a place of refuge and promoted stay…

This thesis is a counter argument to a full replacement of the M8 proposed by groups such as ‘Replace the M8’. Even if the M8 motorway and its associated structures were to be removed, this may not happen for decades.

Between now and then, how can we utilise and regenerate these structures to Glasgow’s advantage. How can we plan for Short, Medium and Long term solutions which address our ethical concerns including community cohesion and climate change.

Re_Place the M8 collage

Gateway to the city

Conceptual sketch on digital model print

Occupy the M8!

The undercroft...

1958. The M8 is opened by the Queen Mother and ties between the East and West of the project are severed

The car and road dominates the city from North to South


The Spaces left beneath the scar are void of humanity.

A concrete cathedral without a congregation

Occupation begins

Music brought them together

Developers built towards the sky

Building in the undercroft

gathering in the undercroft comic

Open air performance space

The Under_Croft nightclub

1005 sequence 7

1005 sequence 6

1005 sequence 5

1005 sequence 4

1005 sequence 3

1005 sequence 2

1005 sequence 1 v2

1005 sequence 1

New station approach

Cross section

timber scaffold around column