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Niamh Blakey (she/her)

Niamh Blakey is an artist from North Yorkshire. She predominantly utilises photographic mediums to create works that investigate poignant ties to ritual and the everyday, and how people create relationships and intimacies with spaces and objects that surround them.

She works primarily with 35mm film.

Her photographic work can be characterised by it’s often poetic and melancholic tones, and is heavily informed by Japanese literature and photography, specifically the unique and magical lens on themes such as intimacy, death and the banal.

Blakey’s degree show installation is a creation of a family archive of memory.

The artist explores ideas of storytelling and narration within a family, and how unreliable, but also sacred this can be.

In this project Blakey investigates her own intimacies with the landscapes that she is familiar with, predominantly focusing on bodies of water, exploring her draw to water and her personal history with the sea, rivers and lakes.

The project was shot in various locations within the North of England and Scotland.