Painting & Printmaking School of Fine Art

Nancy Pilkington (she/her)

I like to imagine a housewife or witch on the run. She is a modern day woman, but also the shadow of somebody’s ghost. You can hear her talking to herself in marginal, partially concealed places: the ruins of forts, battlements and prisons. She also tends to wonder along Ley-Lines – odd points of symmetry between forgotten places of worship – and also riverbanks, especially those of rivers which have dried up.

If the housewife-witch is the protagonist of my work then the child’s den is its setting. This is a shared space of childhood – a familiar point of origin in an individual’s history. Yet it is also a place that has no fixed relationship with chronology; an imaginative exit from linear time and logic. Things can shape-shift, leak out of known forms and adopt different selves. The child’s den is a refuge from conflict and aggression, and I invite you to take shelter here and partake in a process of creative repair.


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