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Future Experiences – The Kaleidoscope
Self Initiated – ReBonding

Future Experiences – The Kaleidoscope

Symbiotically working with the environment in order to allow for its movement around urban areas
and finding inspiration in each change that the environment has throughout its growth. The
Kaleidoscope is an urban space residing in residential areas with lack of access to green spaces. The
Kaleidoscope offers a space for flora, fauna, and people to co-exist and learn. Natural British wildlife
and wildflower meadows are decreasing at an alarming rate, The Kaleidoscope aims to re-educate
and re-teach the way we view our natural flora and fauna, the space is a self-contained ecosystem
with the aims of growing arms and legs throughout the city through inspiration and excitement.
Residents are able to see first-hand how the environment adapts and changes throughout the
seasons and recognise its importance to the structure of wildlife. The space itself is immersive and
peaceful for local residents and can be used throughout the year for educational purposes as well as
a place to relax, socialise and play.

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Self Initiated – ReBonding

ReBonding is a brand centred around re-defining how we look at and treat our belongings. With an ever-changing culture surrounding purchasing, fast furniture has become more prevalent. Buying new is convenient and easier to do, and we see more swapping out of trends and aesthetics. ReBonding gives users a chance for their possessions to grow alongside them instead of replacing them. ReBonding was developed as a way of allowing users to re-connect and find new value in their tired possessions, with a focus on furniture. The process is achieved through rejuvenating each piece of furniture by pairing them with another unique piece of someone else’s history and story through material. Each possession is fused to craft a brand new, one-of-a-kind piece, with an aesthetic change as well as a new meaning and value with emphasis on the new story which has been created and continues on. Currently based in the UK, ReBonding blends cultures and communities and hopes to expand and reach further destinations and people.


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