Stakis Prize, Landscape Drawing Prize

Interior Design School of Design

Mollie Forsyth (She/Her)

An Interior Designer whose interests are centred around translating utopian ideals into the physical. Mollie senses interiors with a poetic approach, designing through concepts in phenomenology, storytelling, anthropology, ethics and memory. Providing immersive interiors which contain the ability to transport users into the pocket of a tiny new universe. Her project this year, Wanderlust proposes a multifunctional dreamscape for the imagination of the public, where the interior sings in tune with the earth and those who choose to venture inside it.



Imagine if our cities were designed for both people and wildlife to thrive. Wanderlust is a multifunctional dreamscape for the imagination of the public which acts as a catalyst for the imagination and self-expression. The space sings in tune with the earth and those who choose to venture inside it. Located within one of Govan’s Abandoned Dockyards and it’s neighbouring Pumphouse, the terrain contains endless layers of the past, present and future. Upon entrance to the site a sense of poetry is evoked, as nature blooms through a past industrial landscape. There are so many layers to it’s terrain; remaining objects and machinery sit coated in graffiti, whilst wildflowers provide for humming bees. It is as though nature has coated the landscape in its finest gold, so delicate and pure. Perhaps the Dockyards provide a sense of hope, that such golden ages can return, that even in the depths of the city, nature can flourish. Wanderlust invites the act of mindless wandering where the user can enter an elemental interior and get lost in the metaphysics of the soul. Wanderlust calls for harmony between humanity and earth.

The physical structure of Wanderlust has been determined by considering humanities intuitive navigation through space. In designing a public space, it is essential to consider its desire to reach a wider clientele. This has been grounded through contemplating how natural instincts and intuitive behaviours can be activated. By curating Public Profiles these intuitive roles have been further defined, where the individual may embody the role of a: Explorer, Natator, Daydreamer, Gardener, Expressor, Performer and Scavenger. These Public Profiles have composed Wanderlust’s proposed structure, in specific zones one public profile may be active, but in others these profiles begin to bleed into one another. Wanderlust aims to translate utopian ideals into the physical, grounding the physical design by responding to the existing nature of the site. It has been essential to listen to the site’s everchanging nature where it is in a constant flow of metamorphosis, this has caused the longevity of the space to be deeply considered, where the proposed interior changes with nature and the people who choose to venture inside it.