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Marily Papanastasatou

I am a multidisciplinary designer from Greece. My practice revolves around people’s relationship with their lived experiences and the elements that these involve. Stemming from my fascination with geography and sound, my work aims to celebrate the connections between people and places through sensory experiences. With an inclination towards visual storytelling, I am interested in the exchange between art and design practices, as a collaboration that can raise questions about the different ways we experience the physical world.

Sonic Diaries

Sonic Diaries

Sonic Diaries lives in a data-driven world of constant movement. Exploring care and environment in 2031, this project focused on intangible forms of care born in the interactions we have with our spatial environment. With an understanding that our sense of place informs our sense of self and can be enhanced by meaningful sensory experiences, I took inspiration from the art of field recording and ambient soundscapes and created a set of objects that are able to collect ‘sound souvenirs’. By first inviting a user to practice the act of explorative listening, Sonic diaries aims to promote different ways of connecting with the immediate environment and celebrate spatial awareness. Otto and Dekt use advanced ultra wide-band technology that is able to isolate, amplify and record individual sounds the same way a camera lens can focus on specific elements on a frame. Through them, one is able to create their own soundscapes made from the sounds around them and document them to revisit later.



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Noiz is an online platform through which venues and artists around the world are able to broadcast live music performances.

It explores the issue of digital echo chambers through the lens of musical discovery. As it happens in most online environments, digital music platform algorithms create filter bubbles that keep track of all our moves to organise the sea of content they hold for us. With my starting point being Damon Krukowski’s ‘Ways of Hearing’, I explored the relationships between people, live and digital music, finding that the element of surprise is one of the main aspects that live performance people look forward to. With serendipity being the main principle, Noiz celebrates liveness, as a unique existence in time and space and embraces music discovery that is free of filters, algorithms and popularity bias.

Through a series of physical posters created by artists from the city mentioned, a user is invited to explore the live music scene of a city far away from them. Choosing between shuffling and exploring venues or artists in the given city, one is able to explore local scenes and venues and discover new music based on live.


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