MSA Stage 3 School of Architecture

Margaret Harvie

Maryhill Food Exchange

Maryhill Food Exchange

This design was first inspired by the tectonic model made using the words ‘reveal’ and ‘boundaries’. The model inspired the design feature now called the ‘forest of columns’, this allows for the appearance of the building almost growing out of the landscape. This has allowed for the design of the overall scheme to develop and enhance this space, encouraging the key themes of landscape, culture, and energy throughout the entire scheme.


The theme of public vs private is explored- a datum separating the private and public areas, with the lower level being dedicated to the hub and having public access from the pathway of the canal. Whereas the housing level above, has a more private entry at the southern end with vehicle access – and access

between the two floors. Allowing those staying in the housing to have privacy but also being able to use the hub spaces.

Master Plan

Long Section


Tectonic Model

Tectonic Model

Perspective Section

Atrium - Housing Level

Hub Interior

Forest of Columns Facade

West Facing

UFEx Model

UFEx Model