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Lucas Cheskin

Welcome. I see myself as someone who designs for human potential and performance, through pushing the boundaries of individual and societal aspects. My design methods are structured around absorbing societal values and human ability to provoke multiple outcomes within a centred topic. Associating myself with being a body architect ( exploring human potential through design ) with a passion for sport and performance footwear. I like to shape the present and future using multiple design disciplines like Product, Speculative, Critical and Graphical. I hope you enjoy my work and the rest of the show! 

The Melius games
BEYOND – Rite of passage

Collaborative Work
Future Experiences Group Work – People Centred Wellbeing

The Melius games

The Melius games is a design for discussion that features the technological enhancement in the sport of track distance running in 2052. The project uses the current topic of debate – enhancement in footwear, to start a discussion for the future of performance running. In the past four years the topic of ‘how much of the performance was down to the technology rather than the athlete’ has been widely debated. This has caused a shift in the sports essence in social, technological and political change in the world of performance running.

The growing rate of the topic has caused the sport to become more and more product focused than athlete focused. Will we see the sports essence crumble in the future, due to enhancement as it is causing a loss of fairness, equality and moral issues in the sport. Or will we need to accept the performance evolution from Brands and governments.

The Melius games is a speculative design view on how the change in direction of the sports essence can impact athletes, spectators, brands and the sport. The event is run by wealthy future based technological companies, making the viewers a small minority due to the cost of it. We see a change in purpose as this event is about enhancement and power rather than the athletes identity. The opposite of what the olympics is about. This is where we see the unlimited enhancement in footwear to break records, in an unnatural way to show the point of discussion. The Alius 1.0 track running spike is an example of this change and designed from primary and secondary research. We see the sport change from a growth standpoint in sport viewership, to an issue for human integrity. It’s up to you to decide, how does this impact your human values? Human ability or the next step in evolution using technological enhancement.

The Melius games

What will we see in a future controlled by technological enhancement in sport? Will social values and access, government regulations and community involvement change for the better or worse.

Project model

2052 Alius 1.0 Track running spike - Improves performance by 8%. The spike uses foot impact efficiency technology to give more energy return and natural motion. Allowing you to run harder and be more efficient.

Athlete feedback

Gathering athletes feedback on the current enhancement in footwear and there opinion of the product.

BEYOND – Rite of passage

An experiential passage to find clarity and wellbeing in 2031

BEYOND – The rite of passage is a multi-sensory experience that guides the user through a series of natural treatments to help improve their physical and mental wellbeing. The overwhelming decline in people’s wellbeing in 2031, has caused one in four people to suffer from mental and physical wellbeing fatigue. This is due to long work hours, limited green space and rising bills. Unfortunately, this has given our health care systems too much to do. This gave me a future opportunity to design an experience that would rejuvenate peoples mind and body to help reduce stress and anxieties. The use of natural treatments that scientifically improve your mind and body are always second choice in society, as medication is a quicker and easier option. The use of cold-water therapy, heat muscle therapy and breath work are always overlooked. This project looks at using a symbiotic connection with these treatments through a rite of passage before entering Azores our group project wellbeing village. The journey and treatments help restart the mind and body, so that they are ready to improve their wellbeing score and for a fresh start in the wellbeing village.

BEYOND - Rite of passage

Wellbeing PODS used throughout the walk of passage. Mental and physical treatments used to improve wellbeing. These are Cryotherapy (mind), heat muscle therapy (Body) and breath work system (Soul).

story board

POD experience process

Azores village 2031

The rite of passage is completed before entering Azores wellbeing village.

Future Experiences Group Work – People Centred Wellbeing

Exploring the future of well-being through a people-centred lens.


This project focuses on wellbeing and symbiosis. We defined them as:

Symbiosis – an interaction or close living relationship between organisms from different species, with benefits to one or both of the individuals involved.

Wellbeing  – A subjective state of being comfortable, healthy and happy.

Over the course of our research, the main theme that kept popping up was work life balance. We asked ourselves how changes to the way we work might impact both individual and collective wellbeing, and how we might measure wellbeing in 10 years’ time. We explored these themes across two places in our 2031 world, the city of Glasgow and Azores, a future company town.


2031 Glasgow is a densely populated area with high rise flats and little green space. Glasgow aims to increase well-being by encouraging individual identity. People are free to express their individuality, the population is a diverse mix of people from different backgrounds. There are laws for protected characteristics to stop discrimination. People want to live here because there is an opportunity to be successful. People have free will to make more decisions.

Our response to 2031 Glasgow is Azores. Azores is a company-run town aimed mainly at low income & low wellbeing people & families. People apply and are accepted depending on their individual wellbeing score. People have to show low individual wellbeing to get in

Individuals have to show Increased wellbeing while they’re there.

There is a stable birth rate due to free childcare, no financial cost of living etc.

Azores improves wellbeing by providing a better work life balance, healthy food and increased opportunities for human connection, along with a mutualism between humans and nature.



Azores Movie

Azores 2031

Our future world Azores in 2031. A company-run town designed to improve citizens wellbeing. Azores improves wellbeing by providing a better work life balance, healthy food and increased opportunities for human connection, along with a mutualism between humans and nature, 

Glasgow 2031

Glasgow in 2031. A densely populated area with high rise flats and little green space. Glasgow aims to increase wellbeing by encouraging individual identity.