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School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Kitty Glover (they/them)

I am a textile artist and creature enthusiast. Never not knitting. I think about ‘community’ in the past, present and future of textiles, whilst drawing real and fantastical animal societies into the mix. I intend to continue doing collaborative and community textile projects with a focus on intergenerational skill-share and storytelling.

A Whole Nother Beast


The slugs nibbled a hole in the wall and out squelched a big slugferno. Riding the waves of fiery redemption are multitudes of strange beasts and birds. This is Yarnmageddon.

But how did it get here?

With an arsenal of crocheted snakes under their belt, Kitty joined forces with the Clack and Yak knitting group at Platform Arts Centre Easterhouse where together they created fabulous patchwork animals (see description of ‘A Whole Nother Beast’).

Alongside this project Kitty continued to develop their knit and crochet techniques, most recently focusing on Fair-Isle colour work to knit intricately patterned beasts – can you really hear a difference between Fair-Isle and Feral?

Wool yarn, assorted recycled yarn, acrylic yarn, offcuts from wool spinning, stuffing, the artist’s old bedsheets potato printed, offcut batting, wire, beads, cardboard, Velcro.



Fire weasel

Detail of the fire weasel leaping towards the viewer. This animal was made in collaboration with Clack and Yak (Platform arts centre) and is composed of assorted hand knitted and crocheted blocks uniquely assembled for our 'A Whole Nother Beast' project.

SLUGFERNO as viewed from the portal

Fair-Isle/Feral Beasts

The potato-print inferno climbs the wall, taking with it some of the more intricate Fair-Isle inspired beasts.

Snake, Brenda's giraffe, and Kitty

Kitty pretends to be a snake in their installation.

Knitted slugs with knitted portal

View from the side of knitted slugs gliding away from the portal that they created in the wall.


Stripy green snake crosses from one tongue of flame to another.


Green snake rears as it is expelled from the SLUGFERNO portal.

A Whole Nother Beast

I have been attending the Clack and Yak group at Platform on Mondays since 27 January. Together we have been knitting and crocheting blocks of colour and pattern in various shapes which are then sewn together to make patchwork animals. I have been making animals for a few years in my art practice and enjoy how they create space for conversations about diversity, ecology, and community.

Usually a big focus when using knitting patterns is following them closely and getting it right – but this offered us an opportunity as a group to let go of this control and try out new techniques with no pressure to get them right.

This project has been possible because we are all able to meet in person again and it is a playful way of celebrating this, as well as showcasing the incredible talent of the Clack and Yakkers. The group made me feel welcome from the very beginning and it has been lovely getting to know them, learning about their early days of knitting, and sharing stitches and ideas with each other.

Together we have made some truly beautiful creatures. From Fair-Isle to single crochet, every unique shape has been handmade by a talented crafter, which is probably why our animals have so much personality.

Window display at The Bridge 1000 Westerhouse road Glasgow G34 9JW, 28th March – 21st April 2022

Each year, Platform host final year students from the Sculpture and Environmental Art course at Glasgow School of Art, an opportunity to work with our art groups and exhibit in and around our building. One of the projects brought together Art School Student Kitty Glover and our weekly knitting group Clack & Yak.


Poster promoting window display

Stitch and the fire weasel in the cafe at Platform arts centre

Window display

The Clack and Yak takeover of the window box at the Bridge as viewed from the library.

Window display box

view from outside the bridge of the display box

Clack and Yak poster

Clack and Yak poster