School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Katie Curry (She/Her)

I am Katie Curry, a Northern Irish sculptor and freelance painter currently studying in Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.

My childhood was spent on a farm, introducing me to industrial machinery at an early age. This sparked an interest in how things work in a mechanical sense. Growing up in the countryside allowed me to experience raw elements in a very pure way and this has had an impact on how I produce work now.

My work revolves around concepts such as Limits, Destruction as a form of creation, Actions and Consequences and Interaction. I combine these with a fascination for the unseen potential of disregarded and forgotten objects. Exploring the boundaries of these materials in a playful and childlike manner and allowing the object to dictate and narrate the direction of the sculpture. In recent years I have combined this interest of mechanics with metal work (such as welding). To produce interactive and contemporary sculptures.

The Head Massager

The Head Massager

Looking at the concept of Actions and Unknown Consequences, focusing on how the internet has enabled people to have distance from their actions.

The sculpture is made up of two components (The Action and The Consequence).

The first element is a chair sat under a metal structure which is a head massager. The public is invited to come and get their head massaged. (This is the Consequence)

The second component is a head set and switch which powers the head massager. The chair isn’t visible, meaning whoever is listening and in control of the massager cannot see what their actions are resulting in. (This is the Action)