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Julia Varis



Where is my consciousness?

Are my dreams and nightmares a part of it?

Can I ever truly understand the point of view of another person?

My works are about analysing memories and emotions that are linked to certain spaces. By using veins and root like fractal forms, I strive to build connections between the body, domestic space and nature.

I use my own home as the setting for my installations, and since I might live midst the work for weeks or months, I view performance art to be a part of my practice. I make sense of my everyday lived experiences through art. My research interests consist of autotheory, psychology, anatomy and fractal geometry.

1/2 Sleep

1/2 Sleep, detail


Documentation of the original installation

REM (1&2)

pen and watercolour on paper, half frames 330 x 320 mm each
For Sale:

Full installation view

In the back: Sleep, Photo print on polyester, 2100 x 1575 mm