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Jacob Garthwaite

Jacob Garthwaite is a videographer, video editor, and sound recordist that aims to incorporate authenticity within moving image and audio, in order to define and understand his surroundings and experiences. During his time in Glasgow, Jake has worked in various music venues ranging from Sub Club, Saint Lukes, SWG3, and The Blue Arrow Jazz Club. Whilst working at these venues, the intricacies and subtle changes in human emotion had become an influencing characteristic when approaching video projects and narratives. How the visual flow of movement and emotion correlated with the aural aspects of these projects encouraged Jake to approach them conceptually in order to consider alternative routes and storylines. Furthermore, the intention of his work is to articulate time and texture within the audio-visual world and to provide emotive representations of human nature and habit. Through the manipulation of time, this allows Jake to explore finite details of movement and emotion, and draw the viewer in to additional or alternative narratives. Over the past three years, Jake gained experience in audio whilst studying sound production at Glasgow Kelvin College. During that time, studio recording, live sound, and post-production audio were the frequent and influencing modules that then encouraged him to move on to the Glasgow School of Art. However, whilst the country was on lockdown before the year began in university, Jake learned new skills in camera operation, lighting, and video editing to further his ability and reach within the industry. As an outcome, various freelance opportunities materialised and collaboration then became an integral, shaping factor of his work alongside many others.

Collaborations with Alex Palmer

Collaborations with Alex Palmer

This project began as an opportunity to revisit a video that was produced prior to the starting point of year one in university. The video’s specific idea was an outcome of working at a jazz bar in Glasgow. During the pandemic, in order to create an ongoing flow of content and buzz about the club, I made a suggestion to film and edit these artist insight/short documentary style videos to gain a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective of the musicians’ habits and influences. Among these musicians was a drummer named Alex Palmer, who I decided to base my DYOP on. I was beginning a course that involved a lot of post-production audio, so I considered this opportunity as dipping my toe into the audio-visual industry. Additionally, it was an opportunity to start building my own working methods whilst still working alongside other creatives and professionals to reference my own habits and bounce ideas and questions off of. However, this project, majority of the time was individually pursued – which then branched out into a string of freelance videography client work.

The revisiting of this artist insight with Alex, then became about showing the development and style of editing, yet also showing certain aesthetic and stylistic choices that have become apparent throughout all the work that I have produced. Although I wanted to showcase my ability to film and compose a shot, the pacing of certain shots and how they connect or conflict with the movement and or texture against the opposing, was another factor I wanted to explore. Alex’s drumming ability is varied and spreads throughout many genres, which in itself opens up the type of filming and frame rates to consider when approaching the filming dates