Product Design Engineering School of Design

Hiu Law

As a product design engineer, I have a keen interest in the aesthetics, functionality, and user experience of products. I enjoy designing products that will help to solve existing problems in the current world with consideration of the material used to provide a more sustainable solution. My final year project aims to encourage change in user behaviour through product design to tackle the issues of plastic waste from the overuse of plastic sachets in fast food takeaways.


Takaway Carrier

Takaway Carrier

Plastic waste is one of the most severe environmental problems in the current world. An example of plastic waste is the plastic condiment sachets that we often receive when purchasing takeaways, with about 855 billion pieces of plastic waste being produced each year by the plastic sachets.

The takeaway carrier helps prevent customers from using plastic condiment sachets when purchasing takeaway from fast-food restaurants by encouraging a behaviour change through product design. The product is easy to carry, and provides slots for drinks and paper condiment cups as well as space for food items.