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Hannah Gulland

As we close our eyes, met with silence, we form dreamscapes with abstract references from the outer world. The creative process is an act of interior star gazing. The infinity of outer space reflects the inner depths of our being, each star, a moment gazing back at us through the twinkling eyes of unity. My work is simply a collection of fragments, sprinkles of ideas that mirror one another’s existence.

My process is an extension of psyche through paint and pixels. Imagine the cinema; transient, mythical, romantic – this is the space I create from. I blend colours onto surface, synthesising a constellation between dreaming and being. Like pixels rendering, each paint mark a trace of connection. My work explores the abstraction between the physical and the spiritual. I want to bring you into the realm of feeling.

‘monsoon in space’
‘Audio Pink’

‘monsoon in space’


oil paint on sheer fabric, 300cm x 141.95cm
For Sale: Price on Request


'monsoon in space'


‘Audio Pink’

‘Audio Pink’ is a diary of my paintings.






'Audio Pink'

'Audio Pink'