School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Florence Peters (she/her)

Degree Show

I am an artist working across multiple mediums and through translations and repetitions and labour. I understand my practice as endowment through making; I produce objects and pictures founded in an emotional duration, time measured in these terms. A means of navigating the world and my experiences of it, I produce works that attempt to souvenir moments but with disregard for ontological provenance; with more concern for the  psychological implication of space and my interactions. As a result, works sit within a shifting body of objects in flux, just as I am and as people are. It is in carousels of curated collections or series that the works, and I, find fleeting resolution before re-joining a flickering mass.  My chosen modes of exhibition aim to disrupt the habitual timeline of remembering, by appropriating the aesthetic of  ‘retrospect’.




The Places I’ve Been
Degree Show

The Places I’ve Been

"Rear View"

"Windscreen View"

"Iceland, Pit Stop"

"View from the Ferry"

"Road, Mull"

"Road, Iceland"

"Mountain Dream"