Emmy Sachs Prize

Painting & Printmaking School of Fine Art

Fleur Connor

I am in awe of the eery and weird. I aim to create emotive installations and paintings that evoke that same sense of awe in others.

In my installations I use mediums including drawing painting video and sound. Currently I am especially interested in the relationship between video and painting. I think that we ‘watch’ paintings rather than look at them. Through my use of light and projectors I make shifting surfaces to be gazed at.

My paintings always are usually abstract with a hint towards architecture and the body. I think that abstract painting and film can act as metaphysical

That said drawing is always the starting point for my projects. Drawing is usually seen as a starting point for creatives, however I like to subvert that notion in my work. All my art is drawing. Drawings using paints, pencils, dirt, wood, nails, video and light.