Innovation School Product Design

Ewan Gaynor-Kirk (He/him)

Care Designer

Care Designer

The Care Designer is a role which focuses on providing a platform to support those who live alone or are isolated and find it difficult to build new relationships. It would help these people to build a platform that would allow them to create new relationships and gain confidence.

This role was created by a fictional political party I created toaddress issues that will exist in 2031 based on research I have completed. This research allowed me to create a timeline of events that are either set to happen or that I believe could realistically occur.

The party I developed is called the National Care Party and would exist in my speculative future to help create a more collective society within the general public rather than an individualistic one.

To aid the service provided by the Care Designer I also created the Care Hub (pictured) which would exist to help connect the Care Designer to the recipients of the service to other recipients of this service as well as other services they may need to use.


MATE is a service which creates a platform for applicants and recruiters to share their stories of the application process in order to improve the future experiences for employers and applicants.

By both sides sharing their experiences, they can both gain a beer understanding of all aspects of the process from both sides. MATE is unique in what it achieves as it allows employers to see what issues exist internally.

Companies can improve by seeing what people say about them and this prompts them to reflect on how they can improve. In turn, employees, recruiters and prospective jobseekers can see this and also offer their own experiences to contribute positively to a balanced and productive bridge between employers and prospective employees. MATE creates a safe space which projects constructive feedback between the two sides which ensures transparency exists within the job market.