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Emma Robertson (She/Her)

I am an Interior Designer from Scotland with an ardent interest in the concept of adaptability within interior spaces and that with exploration into the forms and shapes of spaces physically and theoretically I am able to discover the nature of designs in regard to practicality and theatricality. This year I have been focused on the preservation of my site with a keen attentiveness on honouring the original blueprint whilst also modernising and developing the space to function as needed. This concept is something I hope to bring with me into professional practice and any other future endeavours.

‘The Deep End’

‘The Deep End’

My aim is to create a live music and events venue within the main pool area of Church Street School’s swimming pool building, located off Byres Road, flanked by Torness street and Church Street called ‘The Deep End’.

Upon entry guests will be welcomed into a reception area that is home to a ticket booth and coat check to help get their journey started. Leading into the main event space, visitors will be able to enjoy the entire venue no matter the occasion. Housed within the site will be the main bar area ‘The Dive Bar’ which will provide a fully stocked bar, ‘The Changing Rooms’ a series of intimate seating arrangements for event-goers to relax before or after a gig, a fully accessible bathroom will also be present on the ground floor. Ascending to ‘The Gallery’ ,via staircase or elevator, guests will be lead to a smaller service bar and will be witness to an unobstructed view of the glass-enclosed, stage area below by looking out over the gallery railing.

My hopes for this project are to;

  • Highlight this area of Glasgow by inviting a variety of visitors ranging in age, race, orientation and status by creating a welcoming, comfortable environment for people to enjoy individually or as a group.
  • To rehabilitate an old, B-listed, school swimming house by instating a recreational venue that attracts many without ruining the integrity of the building.
  • Introduce a design that acts as a development of the existing site (I want to honour the found materials whilst updating the use).
  • Make the venue accessible and available for everyone to enjoy.

Along with these aims I was also very conscious of the considerations I would need to explore in regards to the surrounding area: noise pollution to businesses and residential housing around the same area, acknowledging the dynamic between new and existing spaces within the building and ‘accessibility’, making the venue approachable for all.

Venue Section

A section, cut from Torness Street which shows the full venue.

Venue Moodboard

A collection of materials and brief furniture spec. for the space.

Ground Floor

A plan for the ground floor with zoning.

First Floor

A plan for the first floor with zoning.

Front of House

The main entrance to 'The Deep End' which houses a ticket booth and coat check.

'The Dive Bar'

Section of the bar area with detail of fixtures.

'The Changing Rooms'

Section of a series of intimate seating arrangements located along the side of the main stage area.

Bathroom Isometric

A different view into the unisex toilets available on the ground floor.

Bathroom and Bar Section

A section towards the East end of the venue showing the bathroom entry and a brief look at 'The Gallery Bar'

The Installation

A section of the full building with the addition of the installation that will enclose the pool area within a glass structure.

The Installation

Detail of the glass links structure that will create the main stage and events space within the building.