MSA Stage 3 School of Architecture

Beth Lomas

Urban Food Exchange

Urban Food Exchange

I am a stage 3 architecture student, currently seeking employment as a part 1 architectural assistant in a creatively and environmentally conscious practice.

My site proposal is focused on the premise of creating new public realm for the residents of the Hamilton Hill neighbourhood whilst simultaneously meeting the requirements of the UFEX learning and processing centre. To do this I have decided to separate the schedule of accommodation into three distinct buildings with a commonality in material and focus around a central walled garden. In addition to this, I have re-imagined the use of the in-inhabited ‘rock villa’ to the eastern perimeter of the site. This will now house a micro- cider press and bar that will ultimately fund money back into the UFEX process as well as being a proper good boozer for residents and neighbours. In blurring the lines between public and private and actively encouraging public use of the site, I hope to ultimately encourage discussion about the UFEX process so that sustainability is seen as an attainable aspiration for all.