Covid and Tomorrow’s World

In a world that has changed irrevocably, where do we go from here? These creative responses take stock of the pandemic, and consider the potentials of a post-COVID world.

Millions have endured grief, anxiety, isolation, and rolling trauma. Some will recover uneventfully, but for others, the quiet moments after adrenaline fades and normalcy resumes may be unexpectedly punishing. When they finally get a chance to exhale, their breaths may emerge as sighs.

Ed Yong, The Atlantic

This ethos of more humanity, empathy, and collaboration needs to be a sustained, year-round approach, rather than a momentary shift in response to a global crisis or a trending hashtag on social media… As the sector starts to come back to life, we must resist the urge to fall back into old, familiar patterns.

Jerwood Arts' 1,243 Voices: Live Performance Artists' Experiences of Covid-19 and Hopes for the Future